A whole new kind of networking.

When I decided I wanted to pledge a fraternity I had no idea of what came with it in terms of gaining so many connections. Of course you are going to gain a lot of friends and meet a lot of people that you would not have met otherwise, but after your college experience when it is time to find a job you have gained about 50 connections that you can call up who will have jobs or be looking for jobs as well and can help you out.

We were visited by about 30 alumni who had all graduated within the last 20 years, about half of these people either worked together, or got their job through one of their pledge brothers.  I’m not saying that just because you’re in a fraternity that you will find a job fast no matter what but it helps when you have a few dozen contacts that you can reach out to for help.



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3 responses to “A whole new kind of networking.

  1. Ryan

    I’m in a Fraternity and I’ve already been set up with some job offers for after college. Definitely one of the perks of going greek

  2. I am in greek life too. Everyone thinks that we pay for our friends or that it is all about the socials, but I have had a lot of good networking opportunities through sister’s parents and alumni. Greek life isn’t very big here but in the midwest where I am from, everyone puts greek life near the top of their resume, because you never know when it could help you. A senior partner at the law firm I used to work at would go to the Sigma Nu at Indiana University all the time to talk to the guys and offer internships.

    • Thank you for your comment, I’ve already met a few people in the fraternity I am pledging that work in the same field I am pursuing. Pay some money now and in return you have a solid income out of college.

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