You stay classy.

In this weeks blog I’m going to talk a little with you guys about dressing to impress and making sure you have all the essentials to look classy. During your time in a fraternity or even as a pledge you will need to have dress cloths on a regular basis so get used to wearing them around.


We will start up top, a shirt with wrinkles is worse that no shirt all at. Below is an example of a wrinkled shirt.

Make sure you iron your shirt if you cannot take it to the dry cleaners. Get all those wrinkles out!!

Now you got to put something around that collar. You might be told to wear a specific color tie, if not just choose whichever you like the most. Tying a tie is very simple, if you don’t know how to tie one check out this video, it’s how I learned to tie a tie. 

Now were going to head down to the pants. Make sure your pants are straight with a crease in the middle of each leg. If they are wrinkled you will want to iron them as well.

Although very uncomfortable, you will need a shiny pair of dress shoes, socks and a belt. You may think people wont notice these but trust me they do, they are just as important as your tie.

Living in Arizona this has to be my least favorite part about dressing up, the blazer. Get a blazer that isn’t to baggy but not too tight. It might be hard to find a perfect one unless you get it tailored to your body.

Once you change into all of these items you will be looking classy and feelin good. Just make sure you dont spill anything on your cloths during the day!!


Now after a long day of running around in a suit your cloths might need to be cleaned for the next adventure. Just make sure you iron them if you dont get them dry cleaned.



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