Trying to skate on by

I’d like to start by saying that my next post will not be for a couple weeks because I will be on spring break so I hope you can take something from this post.

After pledging for about a month now I’ve gotten to know all of my pledge brothers very well, and I can’t say that there is anyone that I do not like; However, you will find that there are the people that take everything seriously and will never slack off, and there are the people who are going to try to skate by and do as little work as possible and go to as little events and meetings as possible.

It doesn’t mean that they are bad people and that you shouldn’t like them, but as a pledge class it’s up to you to make sure that you find these people and don’t let them slack off. A pledge class is only as strong as its weakest link and when one person messes up, everyone messes up.


Normally I feel that I can rely on any of my pledge brothers for anything that they commit to help me with. Over the last couple weeks I’ve found that this is not the case because people “totally forgot” that they were gonna cover for you or help you out. These people are still my friends and are still good people, but I instantly lose respect for them when stuff like this happens.

People going out of town for weekends, showing up late to events when they KNOW they need to be on time. The people that try to skate past the semester are the people that will put in hardly any work and it will show. You will be able to find these people not to long into your pledge semester and soon you’ll find these people sitting in the back row of meetings, not participating at events…just hanging back, Skating by.


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  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say WE all those kind of people that don’t pull their weight and just skate by. I always remember whenever Nate came to class mad it was because someone didn’t pull their weight and they had to wall sits. Nice post man.

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