Formal time!

This is probably the most anticipated social event that you have during your time in a fraternity. I am lucky enough to have been able to experience my formal even as a pledge. Most people that attend will bring one date, someone they like or want to spend a weekend with, or they will ask multiple people just to make it a party!
This year and every year, the fraternity I’m pledging takes a weekend trip to Las Vegas and this year we stayed as Caesar’s Palace for two nights. Although I am not 21 yet I was still able to enjoy myself in Vegas and had a great time. I can only imagine what it would be like to be 21 and go to Vegas. Guess I will find out next April :). Depending on how many members decide to go on the trip you will probably go on a charter bus for the ride, this year we did not have enough people going so we had to find our own rides. It would probably be a better experience taking a bus with all of your closest friends but getting there was enough for me.
If you wish to attend you will probably need to be fully paid or close to full on your dues. Some fraternities will cost more than others either because of how many member you have paying dues and how many socials and activities your fraternity participates in. Most fraternities will offer a payment plan or are willing to be lenient for people who are under financial aid. If you can pay these dues without help, do it as fast as you can because you don’t want to procrastinate and end up not paying. Then while all of your friends are having a good time you are stuck at school for the weekend missing out on countless memories.

Oh and yes it’s true, EVERYTHING is more expensive in Vegas so save up some money!


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  1. John Bolmeier

    I need to get out to Vegas, I’m jealous sounds fun

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