The cliques

If there’s one thing that you should try to avoid while pledging, it’s becoming apart of a clique. All of your brothers should be just as close with everyone else. You should not limit you’re friends to a small group of kids in your pledge class. Maybe this doesn’t happen that much but it seems to be happening a little in mine. I try to get as close with every brother that I can but sometimes they are just in their own little cliques and don’t want to worry about anyone else at the moment.

You might find that your phone will get calls from one half of the pledge class and hardly any calls or texts from the other half. You should try to make sure that you can bond with all of your brothers because no matter what they are going to be your brothers for the rest of your college experience and beyond.

A few ways to possibly avoid cliques are to get some brother events in. Everyone meets up and goes…bowling, go-cart racing, mini golf, camping, ect..anything will work. It really does not matter what the event is as long as it is something where you guys ALL bond. Don’t just stay in your respective clique during these events too or you will just get farther apart from the brothers you still are not talking to as much.


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  1. Elle

    This is much harder than it sounds! I am in a sorority and cliques started forming after our first bid night. I love my house, especially my pledge class, but some of us are a little closer than others.

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