You stay classy.

In this weeks blog I’m going to talk a little with you guys about dressing to impress and making sure you have all the essentials to look classy. During your time in a fraternity or even as a pledge you will need to have dress cloths on a regular basis so get used to wearing them around.


We will start up top, a shirt with wrinkles is worse that no shirt all at. Below is an example of a wrinkled shirt.

Make sure you iron your shirt if you cannot take it to the dry cleaners. Get all those wrinkles out!!

Now you got to put something around that collar. You might be told to wear a specific color tie, if not just choose whichever you like the most. Tying a tie is very simple, if you don’t know how to tie one check out this video, it’s how I learned to tie a tie. 

Now were going to head down to the pants. Make sure your pants are straight with a crease in the middle of each leg. If they are wrinkled you will want to iron them as well.

Although very uncomfortable, you will need a shiny pair of dress shoes, socks and a belt. You may think people wont notice these but trust me they do, they are just as important as your tie.

Living in Arizona this has to be my least favorite part about dressing up, the blazer. Get a blazer that isn’t to baggy but not too tight. It might be hard to find a perfect one unless you get it tailored to your body.

Once you change into all of these items you will be looking classy and feelin good. Just make sure you dont spill anything on your cloths during the day!!


Now after a long day of running around in a suit your cloths might need to be cleaned for the next adventure. Just make sure you iron them if you dont get them dry cleaned.



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Sir, Yes sir.

A popular topic when talking about fraternities is hazing, and does it really go on in every house. The answer to that question is simply, no.

Hazing – To harass by exacting unnecessary or disagreeable work.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the history of your fraternity or sorority. When glancing the history of the fraternity I am pledging I found a ton of information that I would have liked to read before I started Rush week, I think that might help some students choose better in the long run.

One thing I found in the history that stood out to me was the topic of what hazing is, and what discipline is. The founders of this fraternity were students at a Military Institute where hazing the cadets was just daily routine. Among many other cadets fed up with hazing, the three founders decided to create a fraternity based on principles of Honor and Discipline.

Discipline – Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.

People are not put into situations where they are being harassed or would have to do anything that they find to be unnecessary. But then again, I’m only a few weeks in…

The concept behind The White Foot is to represent Discipline and no hazing.


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A whole new kind of networking.

When I decided I wanted to pledge a fraternity I had no idea of what came with it in terms of gaining so many connections. Of course you are going to gain a lot of friends and meet a lot of people that you would not have met otherwise, but after your college experience when it is time to find a job you have gained about 50 connections that you can call up who will have jobs or be looking for jobs as well and can help you out.

We were visited by about 30 alumni who had all graduated within the last 20 years, about half of these people either worked together, or got their job through one of their pledge brothers.  I’m not saying that just because you’re in a fraternity that you will find a job fast no matter what but it helps when you have a few dozen contacts that you can reach out to for help.


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Putting it all together.

If school wasn’t hard enough by itself, having to deal with reading, essays, tests ect. Top it all off with becoming a pledge. The time put into being a pledge is similar to taking a3-5 credit course. Time management is something that many people don’t consider when they decide to rush but has to be the most important thing to keep in mind. If you are not good at managing your time and find yourself procrastinating with your HW and other responsibilities you are going to want to learn how to use the time you have to get things done. Sitting around doing nothing may be fun at times but if you want to have fun on the weekends and with your pledge brothers you better learn to do Homework instead of doing nothing. It’s a slippery slope when you fall behind, you can’t always just climb out of the hole and get your grades up, most greek life will have a minimum GPA requirement and have study hours to make sure you are not slacking off. This will help you manage your time but when your sitting in your dorm or wherever you may live it’s up to only you to get things done. In the first semester of my Freshmen year I found myself procrastinating a lot because I still had “senioritis” from high school and didn’t manage my time well at all and my grades suffered from it, I wouldn’t have the time to pledge not because of the credits I was taking (15) but because I wasted my time. I suggest that someone takes no more than 15 credits or you will have a lot on your plate.  Time management is really like a puzzle and if you put the right pieces in the right time slots, the picture of your life will look good.

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whats up with all this man flirting?

Hello everyone I am happy to present you guys with some very important information to keep in mind when rushing a fraternity at whatever school you may attend.  When rush week starts you will most likely go to the heart of campus, fill out an application, then walk around a room filled with men from all the fraternities at your school. This is the time when you may feel….awkward, because a bunch of guys immediately get in your face trying to tell you why their frat is better than all the rest. Or you may feel special because you have never had so many people trying to talk to you at once, giving you a sales pitch. Whatever you do feel about the situation you can be sure that the attitudes of 99% of the people in the room at that time will change once you become a pledge of a fraternity. I’m not saying that everyone is going to be a real D-Bag but they put a fine liar of niceness on everything they say to you to make you want to join their brotherhood.

Make sure that you really hear everyone out, you don’t want to have your hopes set on only one fraternity. You never know what group of guys you have the most in common with and who you have nothing in common with. It’s up to you to decide who you want to spend the next few years hanging out with and making the best memories of your life so don’t jump into a specific frat too quick unless you feel or know that they will like you as much as you like them.


Throughout the semester I will continue to post about the experiences that happen and what to watch for when rushing the Greek system.


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About me

I was born in San Diego, CA and lived there all my life. I currently am a Sophomore at ASU majoring in broadcast journalism. Before I came to college I never spent more than a week on my own, it’s crazy how much I enjoy it now. I am currently rushing a fraternity and hope to make a bunch of friends and gain a lot of memories. I love watching all sports but I have to say the NFL is my favorite to watch. When I graduate I would love to get a job as a producer with ESPN and watch sports for a living. Come back soon, I will add more information.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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